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Predalles Load Chart

Prestressed predalles load table – uniform loads

Load tables conforming to MSA EN 1992-1-2-Eurocode 2 for the design of concrete structures.


Guidelines to using GMF Precast Hollowcore concrete slabs

01. Guidelines For Architects

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02. General Notes

GMF Precast supplies precast concrete slabs in accordance with the loading and shear values requested by the client architect.


Bearing is usually 10cm (4 inches)  to 15cm (6 inches) for precast hollowcore slabs.


The slabs are grouted in C 30 concrete.


Where infilled holes are required (2H), in order to increase loading or shear as specified in the safe load tables:

- The two middle holes are infilled

- The length of infill is to be indicated by the client architect.

- GMF will cut a slot of around 45 cm to enable the infilling of the hole.

- Blocking of the slabs to the required length is usually done by the client onsite.

- Infilling is done in C 30 concrete.


Where slabs are resting on beams, we recommend that all heads are infilled on the beam side:

- for slabs up to 350mm thickness, for a depth of 400mm from the face of the slab.

- for slabs 450-525mm thickness, for a depth of 600mm from the face of the slab. 


In the case of slabs requiring the infilling of the two middle holes to increase loading or shear AND resting on beams:

the two middle holes are infilled to the length indicated by the client architect and the end holes are infilled to 400mm or 600mm depending on the thickness of the section.


A topping of 10cm (4 inches) with A 252 mesh is always recommended in order to aid load distribution. In addition, this will increase the loading of the slabs by 10%.

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