Who are we?

GMF Precast Ltd was founded in 1990. The lead founder of the company was Mr Dennis Gatt who dedicated many years to the company from its inception until his demise in 2004. 

Over the years, GMF has seen changes in staff and management, and the introduction of new equipment and technologies.


It is thanks to all those who have dedicated their time and passions to the company, that GMF Precast Ltd is what it is today – a thriving enterprise that is constantly striving to present progress, consistency and honesty to its clients.

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Our Objectives 

To ensure that our work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner at all times 

To produce precast concrete products that adhere to the highest industry standards

To deliver high-quality services and laying solutions to all our clients

To maintain competitive prices 

Our Equipment


GMF’s main products are hollowcore prestressed precast concrete slabs and prestressed / custom predalles.


The prestressed slab makes use of the fact that concrete is strong is compression and that steel is strong in tension. The combination of these two materials results in a slab that is able to achieve greater load capacities for a given depth, than an unprestressed slab of the same depth. We produce slabs of thicknesses ranging from 200-525mm and prestressed predalles of 70 and 100mm. Custom predalles are produced to client specifications.

We are equipped with 4 in No. 100-metre casting beds and two predalles vibrating tables.  The current 450-525mm machine was implemented in 2006, the 350mm machine in 2016, and the 250mm extruder in 2018. The company incorporated predalles into its portfolio in 2016/2017.


GMF also has its own fleet of trucks and trailers for delivery of its products to site.